– – 180 – –

Hate for what’s right in God’s sight is what’s behind the contempt against Christians for not supporting what’s wrong in their sight. In the conflict between laws, stand with God’s laws.

– – 179 – –

Every soul must stand for themselves before God. Church organizations are helpful for equipping and fellowship, but don’t think they are immune from comprising the truth of Scripture.

– – 178 – –

Relinquish your selfish wants and place yourself under God’s control. His omnipotence will supply your need, His omnipresence will guide your steps, and His omniscience will bring you peace.

– – 177 – –

We are entering into a battle between the laws of men and the laws of God, between the religion of the Bible and the religion of self-gratification, but we must not flinch because the war has been won.

– – 176 – –

The iniquity of man will soon reach its limit and God will cut short Satan’s reign. The probationary time for eternal decisions will cease and the throne in Heaven will cry, Son go get my children!

– – 175 – –

The end is near, and soon our Savior shall redeem us from this earth. His followers are preparing for that and warning others of the tribulation that will soon overwhelm the world.

– – 174 – –

The final book of the New Testament is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is not the revelation of the anti-Christ. It demands our study because in it the Lord removes our guesswork.

– – 173 – –

The times in which we are living should awaken our minds to consider the scenes made known in Bible prophecy. These times are not falling apart, they are falling into place.

– – 172 – –

If the pulpits in America would proclaim the soon return of the Lord and call men to repentance, those with reprobate minds would not so easily ascend to positions of authority.

– – 171 – –

Your Christian witness is not in criticizing, questioning, and denouncing every expression of worldliness around you. It’s in maintaining your peace and not losing your manners.

– – 170 – –

The ungodly are not sane, so don’t let them draw out your old self in an angry quarrel and mare your Christian witness. Stand firm on the truth but pray for the Holy Spirit to bring them to their senses.

– – 169 – –

Satan employs every possible persuasion to prevent us from obtaining a knowledge of the Bible. Its plain teaching explains why we’re in this mess and how we’re getting out of it.

– – 168 – –

Religious fanaticism springs up where the Bible is not regarded as the absolute truth. If you believe in the Bible plus whatever, you will follow whatever foolish voice you happen to hear.

– – 167 – –

The study of the Bible will never degrade our character. It will refine us, sanctify our judgement, and prepare us for an eternity of companionship with holy angels.

– – 166 – –

The evidences of our faith is not impressions and feelings. We have the Word of God. It has withstood the test of time, destruction by its enemies, and it remains our only sure expression of God’s will.

– – 165 – –

Children are growing up with constant exposure to depravity. Parents, don’t come to the end of your life grieving your failure to fortify their hearts with the safety of God’s Word.

– – 164 – –

There is an alarming trend to heighten the emotions of church goers and call that spiritual. If you are as ignorant of God’s Word this Sunday as you were last Sunday, you’re being duped.

– – 163 – –

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and disasters that wreck property and lives, are divine warnings of a coming global judgement and a wake up call for all to prepare to meet our God.

– – 162 – –

Being born again is being re-born through faith, not flesh. Faith in a new nature that operates according to the principles of Christ. It is a daily denial of self and recalibration of living by faith.

– – 161 – –

Children need the prayers of their parents against a world that flaunts immorality before them. Pray for them to have discernment, self-control, and a willing heart to find safety in the Savior.

– – 160 – –

Some ministers may not say from the pulpit that the Lord’s return is inconsequential, but by their absence of warning they make of no effective the Blessed Hope and the end of sin.

– – 159 – –

A mind that stays on Christ, contemplates His life, meditates on His written words, is a mind defended against the corrupting influence seen and heard in these times.

– – 158 – –

Outside of Christ people clamor for supremacy over others. They do the devil’s bidding by agitating and accusing, but it is only in Christ that we can know equal acceptance.

– – 157 – –

Many have become so deluded by their hatred of truth that they are thoughtlessly falling into line with their leader’s disillusionment. Don’t join them, counter with the clear declaration of God’s Word.

– – 156 – –

Fallen humanity is easily enticed to follow a hell bound path. Thankfully, the closer we stay to the Savior in prayer and Scripture the less we are enticed to forfeit eternal life for temporary sin.

– – 155 – –

God has not forsaken His own, though He permits a growing rage against them. These times will divide the true followers of Christ from the mere membership holders, because His own will only bow to their God.

– – 154 – –

Conversations are often manipulated by half-truths, bold lies, or unfounded outrage. We must rely on the Spirit of God for discernment before siding with a cause contrary to truth.

– – 153 – –

The intellect is heightened by the study of God’s Word. Which is why Satan seeks to distract us from it, because a weak mind is easily aroused to discontentment and disregard of civility.

– – 152 – –

Many err when they falsely assume that the mysterious of life is reason to abandon faith. But God does not confide all things with mortal man because we are incapable of comprehending.

– – 151 – –

Speculative theories and opinions about God’s Word are meaningless without the support of it’s written text. Compare verse with verse before assuming an interpretation is truth.

– – 150 – –

When God’s Word is rejected, there is no restraint against the depth of one’s depravity. The result is a callus heart and an open mouth that foolishly declares evil as good.

– – 149 – –

The Bible is plain to the one who studies it with a prayerful heart. We are to approach it as God’s word, not to prove a preconceived idea. It is given for God to inform us, not for us to inform God.

– – 148 – –

Bible prophecy warns that godless rulers will forsake their people and oversee their persecution. But the God-Ruler will not forsake His people and He will oversee their deliverance.

– – 147 – –

The Bible is plain to the one who studies it with a prayerful heart. We are to approach it as God’s word, not to prove a preconceived idea. It is given for God to inform us, not for us to inform God.

– – 146 – –

We are mortal with no method of defense against the malice of Satan, except as we stay close to the Savior’s side. We have His constant watchcare and the guard of His protecting angels.

– – 145 – –

Our finite mind can not possibly comprehend God, but His infinite mind knows what’s best for us. We can trust in Him to lead us in every forward step and in every backward falter.

– – 144 – –

God’s church is not made by the grandeur of a beautiful edifice, but by a people called out from their slavery to sin to the freedom of forgiveness in His Son Jesus Christ.

– – 143 – –

The church, through every man and women, is a channel through which God communicates to the world. We define God’s grace in our trials and we show God’s power in our changed lives.

– – 142 – –

Our world needs to see biblical Christianity manifested through our humanity. It needs us to prove God true, to show the lost that through His grace we can change, we can obey, we can have life eternal.

– – 141 – –

The world will use all in its power to to make of none effect the word of God. Man can not change truth into a lie and a lie into truth. Threats to silence truth serve only to magnify the Bible as earth’s only standard of common sense.

– – 140 – –

The world is trying to recruit us to side with its emotional zealousness. We can not serve two masters. Christian zeal is characterized by humility and moral principles not by vanity and flagrant insensibilities.

– – 139 – –

The noise and distractions of our times will squeeze out our spiritual life. The answer is not always in avoidance, but in embracing periods of silence so we can listen to God speak.

– – 138 – –

The worries of life are like a constantly fanned flame that seems to never go out. It is in turning to prayer, communing with God as you would with a friend, that we find strength to live our days.

– – 137 – –

Without an intentional turning to God in prayer the strongest of us can be beaten up by fear, worries, and anxiety. Life is given to us one day at a time, and prayer is how we live each day with God.

– – 136 – –

No man can gaze upon the cross of Christ without conviction of his own sin. Some respond with repentance and some react with resentment, but all must look upon the crucified Lord and choose.

– – 135 – –

Genuine humility comes from a continuous learning at the school of Jesus with the Bible as the textbook. It is Christlikeness and it makes an impression that challenges the observer to want the same.

– – 134 – –

In our daily path of duty the Spirit of God will give grace sufficient for our need, especially as we stay in communion with our Lord. In the tasks that try our patience and abilities, God’s watchful eye is ready to help.

– – 133 – –

Every passing day leaves us one less to hug our spouse, to hold our children, to have the joy of being with family and friends. Which is why today is the day to be intentional about prayer with the God who will end all Goodbyes.

– – 132 – –

Christians can not afford to fill their minds with things that will weaken their power of thought, firmness of will, or knowledge of God’s Word, if they are to be truly waiting for their Lord’s return.

– – 131 – –

When an enemy sees his imminent end, they become most aggressive and open in their last ditch effort. Likewise, Satan’s out in the open aggressiveness on the world stage, tells us he knows the return of Jesus Christ is near.

– – 130 – –

Disease, deformities, desperation to escape through addictions, are part of the effects of sin on the human race that can take the best of us. Which is why intercessory prayer is needed from all of us.

– – 129 – –

A man who stands before the King of Kings is undaunted by the kings of this world. No threat of punishment against righteousness can overpower or outlast the believer who is the friend of God.

– – 128 – –

It is not the most talented minister whose work with the masses produces the most lasting result. It is the parent, the friend, the coworker, whose personal and individual witness turns a single soul to behold the Lamb of God.

– – 127 – –

It is the transformation of your character that witnesses to a changed life. You may claim religious adherence to days, diets, and disciplines but only the indwelling Spirit of God can bring about a new you.

– – 126 – –

Every church needs men and women who walk with God as Enoch did. Their influence will enrich the fellowship and lead the congregation to a higher standard if worldly leadership doesn’t suppress them.

– – 125 – –

Self-preservation is good, self-esteem is good, but a selfishness that regularly gives no thought to others in the little transactions of daily life will leave us unfit for Heaven.

– – 124 – –

Many have become infatuated with vice and indulgence of the forbidden, so much so that they have blocked their conscious from truth. The habit of sin is as binding for hell as the habit of faith is for Heaven.

– – 123 – –

God has waited long for our return to Him and He is still waiting. Soon all who can be saved will be saved and time will have run its course. Then God will arise from His throne to declare, “Son, go get my children!”

– – 122 – –

Many give no thought to their spiritual condition or date with judgement. Generations have come and gone without teaching the truth of Scripture to their families. But for you, today is the day to change that for your loved ones’ sake.

– – 121 – –

Being a witness for Christ is to point others to Him in word and deed. The aim is to carry their minds to consider Christ crucified. If we can say as did John the Baptist, look toward the Sin Bearer, the Spirit of God will take it from there.

– – – – – – – – – –